Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Senior English Week of Nov. 5 and Nov. 12

Racquel O’Connor-Mesa
Class: Senior  English
Dates: Week of November 5 and November 12
Learning Development:
Performance Objective:  UW.G12.3W.C4.PO1
Write a persuasive composition (e.g., speech, editorial, letter to the editor, public service
announcement) that:
a. states a position or claim
b. presents detailed evidence, examples, and reasoning to support effective arguments
and emotional appeals
c. attributes sources of information when appropriate
d. structures ideas
e. acknowledges and refutes opposing arguments
Learning Objective: See above
Kid-Friendly Language: I can write a persuasive composition
Key Terms:  position, claim, evidence, examples, arguments, emotional appeals, sources, ideas, structure, opposing arguments
Essential Questions:
How can a writer become more effective in their persuasive compositions?
2. Why is it necessary to discuss both sides of a position?
Bloom’s Level


x Application

x Analysis
x Evaluation
Anticipatory Set
·         Congruent
·         Active
·         Past Experience
Students will be asked to remember why Elizabeth, in the novel, Pride and Prejudice refuses Mr. Darcy’s proposal.  Make three colums on your paper, ethos, pathos, and logos.  Give at least two persuasive reasons for Elizabeth to change her mind. 
Instructional Strategies

 Identifying Similarities & Differences
x Summarizing
 Nonlinguistic Representation
x Setting Objectives
 Peer Feedback
 Generating/Testing Hypothesis

x Discussion
x Practice
 Cooperative Learning
x Instructor Feedback
x Questions, Cues, Advanced Organizers
Learning Activities & Modeling the H.O.T.S.
Week of November 5, 2012
Students will take their Anticipatory set and use it to create an outline for a five-paragraph persuasive essay.  Students will write their persuasive essay on Monday, share it with a peer on Tuesday for editing, and submit it to the teacher in final draft form by Thursday, November 8, 2012.
Week of November 12, 2012
(This is a continuance of the previous rhetoric essential standard, which took longer than the standard two weeks to accomplish due to the integration of the reading of Pride and Prejudice.)
In teacher created cooperative groups, students will create a piece of rhetoric utilizing ethos, pathos, and logos. Students will be given a rubric to guide their project which will include a poster, essay, and presentation of their favorite food.
Third Quarter- Students will compile a research product using evidence in support of a thesis. The product must integrate information and ideas from multiple sources, include visual aids, direct quotes, internal citations, and include a works cited page that adheres to acceptable standards.
Guided Practice
Teacher will model persuasive composition and guidelines and/or rubrics will be provided for class projects.  Students will be encouraged to actively engage in discussions and generate clarifying questions. 
Comprehension Check
The students’ comprehension will be assessed through the successful completion of rhetoric/persuasive composition projects.
Active Participation
·         All Students
·         All the Time
All students will be active learners and have a role in the successful mastery of this skill through individual note taking, discussion, observing teacher modeling, processing/meeting rubric requirements, and successful completion of rhetoric activities.
x  Combination
 Selected Response                                                    x Extended Written Response
x Performance Assessment                                          x Personal Communication
·         Congruent
·         Active
·         Past Experience
·         Student Summary
Students will persuade the teacher in a minimum of one paragraph that they fully grasp the meaning of ethos, pathos, and logos and how to incorporate these strategies in composition.
Independent Practice
Students will take interactive notes, complete rhetoric writing activities, analyze, assess, and critique their writing utilizing a rubric. 

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