Monday, February 4, 2013

Junior and Senior Spring Research Report


Your research report is about the evolution of five different animals.
Ø       You will need to describe how your selected animals have evolved throughout the years.  Describe physical, habitat, dietary, mating/parenting, population, and behavioral changes of each animal.

APA Format

***Your research report will not be graded and you will receive a zero if the following guidelines are not met. Students who fail to comply with report guidelines and/or due dates will not be eligible for the zoo trip!

Double spaced.  Do not put extra spaces in between paragraphs!
1 inch margins
10-12 font.
Times New Roman
Cover page
Reference Page
10 Complete pages of text!

Report Timeline
  • February 7- report assigned
  • February 7- research presentation
  • April 1 (not an April’s Fool Joke)-Complete report with Abstract, Reference page, and PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint Presentations April 1-3

Cover Page:
Running Head: TITLE (left hand top corner)
Page number  (top right corner, the cover page is your first page, 1)
Title of your report ( 3 inches down the margin guide, centered)
Your Name (under title, centered)
Miami High School (under your name)
TITLE (left hand top corner)
Page number (top right corner, 2)
Abstract (typed in the center top of the page)
200 words or more summarizing your report’s contents
TITLE (left hand top corner)
Page number (top right corner, 3. Subsequent pages in your report will be numbered accordingly; for example, 4,5,6,7,8…)
I. Intro
A.  Create a brief overview of each animal and their current physical, habitat, dietary, mating/parenting, population, and behavioral characteristics. 
This should be 2 pages in length, with at least 4 direct quotations.
Example: According to the World Wildlife Association, “tundra inhabitants typically write better research reports” (World Wildlife Association 2012).

II. Research the following information for each animal.  Be sure to explain the reasons for the evolutionary change.  Each animal section should be a minimum of 1.5 pages.

                a. physical changes
                b. habitat changes
                c. dietary changes
                d. mating and parenting changes
                e. population changes
                f. behavioral changes
 (Incorporate at least 3 in-text citations per each animal section)
III. Why do animals evolve and undergo changes? Give at least five examples of evolutionary changes animals that you did not devote a section to have undergone in order to survive.  Don’t forget to explain the necessity for these changes. 

IV.  Conclusion- Briefly summarize each section of paper.

V.  Bibliography  * is an excellent reference when preparing your bibliography

8 Slide Minimum, Please save your presentation to flash drive and bring it to class on your scheduled presentation day or email it to me as an attachment at prior to your presentation date.
Slide 1. Cover page in slide format
Slide 2. Define evolution. Why do animals evolve over time?
Slides 3-7. One slide per each animal you researched. Include a picture of the animal and 5 interesting evolutionary facts.
Slide 8. Conclusion. Be creative.

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