Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Intro Poster Rubric

Welcome Back to School. As your first Assignment you will create a poster all about you!  This is your time to shine and let your classmates know some cool things about you that they may have not known before.  Below is a list of requirements that you must fulfill.  Posters will be displayed in our classroom for the first quarter of school, so take pride in your work. This project is worth a whopping 100 points, so it must be done on time and correct.

*Your name, front and center
*A paragraph introducing yourself. Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation count! (Min. 8 sentences)
*A minimum of 6 pictures of you (others can be in the picture with you)
*10 Nicely written or magazine clipped words that describe who you are, where you have been, your hobbies/likes.
DUE Thursday, AUGUST 8, 2013

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