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Welcome to 2014-2015 Vandal English

Below you will find important back to school documents and information.  If you have any questions, please contact me at  Thanks!

Junior and Senior English: Language & Composition Syllabus
Mrs. Stapleton 2014-2015
Course Description:
This English course is geared to introduce 11th and 12th grade high school students to collegiate level reading and writing exercises; hence, introducing and preparing them for their impending future academic endeavors.  While focusing on the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards, students will also be challenged to go above and beyond, increasing engagement and pushing themselves to access their fullest potential.

*Students will show respect at all times and to all individuals.
*Students will come to class prepared each and every day with proper materials, assignments, and homework.
*Students will always complete all assigned tasks to the highest level of their ability.
*Students will focus and actively engage in the learning process by paying attention, participating in discussions, and applying their fullest potential to the task at hand each and every day.
*NO violations of dress code, electronic devices, or texting during instruction.
*Food and Water will be permitted as long as students act like the young and mature adults they are, cleaning up after themselves.
*I will not allow any student to behave in any way which interferes with the learning of others.

Classroom Behavior:
Be in your seat when the bell rings at the beginning of the period.
Be quiet and listen whenever the teacher is talking.
Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak.
Bring all books and materials to class.
Remain in your seat at the end of the hour until the teacher dismisses you.

Warning-RTC ?’s

Required Materials:
*Notebook for journaling
*College ruled lined paper
*Writing utensils (pencils and black ink pens)
All students are expected to come prepared each and every day. Students who fail to come prepared to class will be subject to RTC and possible removal from the course.

Class work Expectations:
*Head your papers correctly (first and last names, hour, date, and assignment in the upper right corner).
*Rough drafts may be in pencil, any color ink, front and back.
*Regular assignments should be in pencil, or blue/black ink, on the front side of fresh white unfringed notebook paper.
*Final drafts of major writing assignments must conform to conventional APA format standards and be typed double-spaced in 10 or 12 point Times font.
*Avoid receiving a zero because you neglected a requirement. If in doubt, ask.

Students are expected to keep an updated journal.  Twice a week, upon arriving to class, students will be given a topic to elaborate in their journal.  Journal entries must be at least 200 words and relevant.  Journals are due every two weeks on Thursday; journals can be turned in on Monday for half credit. No credit will be issued for journals turned in more than one day late!

Homework: Homework may not always be assigned, but when it is, it is expected to be returned the next day, completed in a quality manner.  Excessive failure in returning homework may result in RTC. 

Stapleton Stars: Stapleton stars are earned when a student goes above and beyond, exhibiting high quality coursework, which projects a deeper comprehension of the coursework objective.  For example, a well written paper that covers all assigned requirements, and also shows analytical and thought provoking insight is definitely Stapleton Star worthy!  Stapleton Stars can be exchanged for full credit on a late assignment, or may be substituted for one journal entry per grading period (every two weeks).

Absences: Tardiness is disrespectful to your class and to me, and I will treat it as a serious behavior problem. Be on time. Poor attendance is a warning sign. If you are not here, you will not pass this course. Even if you make up assignments, you can never make up discussion we had when you weren't present. Students will be responsible for any material covered in class. If you miss an in-class assignment you have two days for every day you were absent to make up that assignment unless otherwise directed.

Deliberate plagiarism is claiming, indicating, or implying that the ideas, sentences, or words of another are one's own. It includes copying the work of another, or following the work of another as a guide to ideas and expression that are then presented as one's own. Deliberate plagiarism will result in an automatic 0% for that particular assignment.  Repeat plagiarism may lead to removal from the course.
Accidental plagiarism is the improper handling of quotations and paraphrases without a deliberate attempt to deceive. If the plagiarism is accidental, the student may correct and rewrite the paper, but will be penalized a letter grade.

I understand all academic and behavioral expectations listed above. I understand that failure to comply with these expectations will result in consequences. By signing below, I agree to comply with the academic and behavioral expectations outlined.

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         Student Signature                       Date

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           Parent Signature                       Date

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