Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Juniors and Seniors Week of August 4-7

Week of August 4-7

Monday- Students will complete and present a bio poem.  Teacher will walk through the classroom, pointing out important aspects to the students.  Teacher will review course syllabus with students.  Teacher will explain the introductory poster assignment.

Welcome Back to School! As your first assignment you will create a poster all about you! This is your time to shine and let your classmates know some cool things about you that they may have not known before.  Below is a list of requirements that you must fulfill.  Posters will be displayed in our classroom for the first quarter of school, so take pride in your work.  This project is worth a whopping 100 points, so it must be done on time and correctly. 

1.       Your name front and center
2.       A paragraph introducing yourself.  Spelling, grammar, and punctuation count! (8 sentence minimum)
3.       A minimum of 6 pictures of you (others may be in the picture with you)
4.       10 nicely written or magazine clipped words that describe who you are, who you aspire to become, where you have been, where you would like to go, hobbies, interest, etc…
                                                                  Due Monday, August 11, 2014

Tuesday- Students will write the first quarter objectives and essential questions in their notebooks.  Essential questions will need to be answered by next Thursday (8-14), and left in notebook.  Students must cite where they located each answer.  Students will also be taught Writing Lesson 1 (Starter Words), in which they will learn the Phrase, sentence format and memorize the list of starter words to the tune of Old McDonald.

Wednesday-  Students will practice starter words for the first five minutes of class, and then the teacher will begin testing each student, allowing students who are 100% accurate to also assess their classmates.  The teacher will teach Writing Lesson 2 (ing Phrases), and Writing Lesson 3 (ed Phrases).

Thursday- Students will complete a journal utilizing the writing techniques they have learned throughout the week, describing how their first week of school has been (200 words).  The teacher will teach Writing Lessons 4 and 5, (who, that, which, where = Phrase; and Three Part Sentences: P,SP).

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